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Tuesday Morning Overreactions

Every now and then the NFL has a team, or player, that produces a season like none other. In 1984, a second year QB from Pittsburgh named Dan Marino had one such season. He threw for 5,084 yards and 48 TD's. He also lead his team to the Superbowl that year, where they lost to the 49ers. It was an amazing year.

However that year seems like nothing compared to the stats that Peyton Manning is having. Manning has 10 TD's in his last two games. He picks apart defenses, and makes it look easy. On Thanksgiving Manning became the 3rd player in NFL history to throw 40+ TD's in a single season. (Marino twice. Kurt Warner in 1999, and now Manning). Manning Currently has 41 TD's, and 3196 yards. He only has thrown 7 interceptions. The year Marino set his record he had a +18 TD to Int ration. Currently Manning has +34.

Manning is on pace for 60 TD's if he can maintain this amazing pace. But either way with 5 games to play and needing only 8 TD's Marino's record should stand.

The Great Divide

Even with Manning's amazing numbers the Colts are currently only the 3rd best team in the conference. In the AFC a current 7-4 team might not make the playoffs. However in the NFC a 7-4 team would be a front runner. The team that currently holds the 6th and final playoff spot in the NFC is the St. Louis Rams. The Rams are 5-6, and have been playing horrible football lately, losing 4 of their last 5 games.

It doesn't stop there. Right above the Rams is Seattle who is 6-5. and there are currently 7 teams with legitimate playoff hopes sitting at 4-7. The difference between the two conferences is astounding. If this were the NBA the NFC would be the Eastern Conference, and the AFC would be the Western Conference.

Unbelievable, Outrageous, Stupendous.

Over the past few years the talking bobbleheads that like to announce games, or analyze games have taken to using hyperbole for almost anything. A pass for 1 yard becomes stupendous. A run up the middle becomes unbelievable. One wonders that if everything is unbelievable, and amazing, then what if something truly great happens. They can't call it amazing because they've already used it to describe a not so great play. By hyperbolizing so much, the bobbleheads have made everything normal. Ironically some of these same bobbleheads are the exact same people to complain when a player celebrates after making a tackle when his team is down by 14 points.

Let the record stand on it's own.

This past Monday Night was another great example of bobbleheads trying to make someone or something greater than it truly is. On Monday Green Bay QB Brett Favre made his 200th consecutive start. This is an amazing feat. However throughout the broadcast the announcers mentioned Favre and his “heroics”, or his “amazing ability” every time Green Bay's offense touched the field. There were multiple video and/or pictoral montages of him over the years. And even went so far has to have Joe Namath congratulate him on doing something no one else has done by starting his 200th consecutive game.

What is it that hasn't been done before? The NFL Record is 282 consecutive games by Jim Marshall. Favre did set the record for most consecutive starts by a QB. But that record was set sometime around start 180.

Also why do they insist on calling his playing for so long heroic? Did he save anyone's life? Protect the country? No the true heroes in our time are the men and women serving our country. All Favre has done is show up to work everyday for 12 years. Favre plays a game, and he gets paid extremely well for doing it. But it isn't heroic to show up for work.

The streak of 200 consecutive starts is a great feat. Over time it will get longer, but by trying to make it more than it is, bobbleheads dimish the feat. I say let the streak speak for itself, and we'll all see how great it really is.

Now for something completely different.

Now if you want to talk about something that's truly great, and borderline amazing, let's talk about the Green Bay team as a whole. This team started out 1-4. Many had written them off for any chance at a playoff berth. They have since won 6 consecutive games and are 7-4. Not only do they have a shot at a playoff berth, but they are currently sitting atop their division. The fact that the Packers did not give up during tough times in the early part of the season, and has righted the ship so well. That is worth talking about.

Round, and Round it goes, where it stops nobody knows.

The NFL coaching carousel has begun. Two weeks ago Dave Wanstedt resigned as coach of the then 1-8 Miami Dolphins. This week Butch Davis resigned as coach of the 3-8 Cleveland Browns. That's 2 head coaching vacancies, with 5 games still to play in the season.

Submitted for your Perusal

Week 12 was an interesting week in the NFL. Cleveland and Cincinatti combined for 109 points, the second most in NFL history.

The two teams with the worst record, Miami and San Francisco combined for a total 424 yards in their game. Let's put that into perspective shall we?

Now from two of the worst teams in the NFL you'd expect something similar to the Miami and San Francisco game. But would you expect that from a game involving arguably the best team in the league. The Miami/SF game was not the lowest output of yardage in a game. That belongs to Pittsburgh vs. Washington who combined for a total of 363 yards in their game.

Sideshow's Top 14

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Last Week's Results


1 (1)



Won 16-7 vs. Was

Whoever refurbished the Bus in the offseason deserves a bonus. It's running great.

2 (2)

New England


Won 24-3 vs. Bal

Imagine if this team could stay healthy the entire year.

3 (3)



Won 41-9 vs. Det

This just in. Peyton Manning has thrown another TD

4 (4)



Won 27-6 vs. N.Y. Giants

I know they can't help what conference they play in, but they suffer positionwise because they NFC stinks.

5 (5)

San Diego


Won 34-31 vs. K.C.

Ahh to be living in San Diego. Sun, Surf, and a Good Football Team.

6 (6)



Won 24-21 vs. N.O.

How has Atlanta ended up a quiet 9-2.

7 (9)

Green Bay


Won 45-17 vs. StL

Everything aside, Brett Favre is a great player. Green Bay is a good team again after shaky start.

8 (11)



Won 27-16 vs. Jax

Randy Moss is back, as Vikings prepare for stretch run.

9 (12)

N.Y. Jets


Won 13-3 vs. Az

Jets doing good job of hanging in there till Pennington comes back

10 (7)



Lost 25-24 vs. Oak

Loses close game in Snow Covered Mile High. Next up is divisional showdown with San Diego.

11 (8)



Lost 24-3 vs. N.E.

What can stop the Baltimore defense? Their own offense.

12 (10)



Lost 27-16 vs. Min

Leftwich is back, but inability to win a game before final minutes bites Jags.

13 (NR)



Won 38-9 vs. Sea

Bills would be a playoff team in the NFC.

14 (13 & 14)

Seattle and St. Louis

6-5 & 5-6

Lost 38-9 vs. Buf, and Lost 45-17 vs. G.B.

Truth is neither team deserves it as both are bad, but they are better (just barely) than the teams below them. But I couldn't decide who is worse, so I'll chicken out and put them both here.

The Cellar Watch

Well with Miami winning the Toilet Bowl between San Francisco and Miami, San Fran is now the front runner for the #1 overall pick in the draft. The good news for them though is they play in the worst division in the NFL.

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30 (NR)



Lost 16-7 vs. Pit

This is not what Joe Gibbs had in mind.

31 (31)



Won 24-17 vs. S.F.

Win in the Toilet Bowl doesn't change the fact this team is bad....

32 (32)

San Francisco


Lost 24-17 vs. Mia

....but San Francisco is worse.