Beard Activity

A Conversation

Llan: So I heard that Curtis managed to score some Sweetarts after all.
Glim: Yeah. Apparently Daboo took mercy on the poor guy and bought him a truckload of the sugary things. You'd think he could find something more interesting to write about, though.
Llan:Well, we can't all be Elven. My understanding is the overdose of Halloween candy in general went to his head. So what do you think his next article will be about? Pens, pads of paper? He seems to have started a terrible habit of writing about things on his desk.
Glim:I heard that his imagination broke, and all he can think about is Daboo now.
Llan:That's too bad. I thought he really had something with that article on song lyrics. He kind of had the humor going for him pretty well, and the topic wasn't so out of reach that he sounded like he was grasping for straws.
Glim:Yeah, it's that bardic training at work. Hey, I heard there was an ettin on the loose in your neck of the woods.
Llan:Yeah, you'd think those necromancers could keep a better leash on their pets. They just don't make evil sorcerers like they used to. Poor ettin keeps getting arrowed, and the villagers just freak out when he starts smashing buildings.
Glim:That's the way of these things I suppose. We've been running into diminutive ents with a penchant for apples. Of course, the villagers here just keep on growing them without any thought for where the stupid apple seeds came from.
Llan:That's tough. It seems like you can always count on the local villagers to keep things interesting. Had any luck in the local tavern there?
Glim:Hmph. A couple of your kind took pity on my poor flute the other night, other than that the folks around here just don't appreciate talent when they hear it.
Llan:(sighing)Isn't that the case everywhere?
Glim:It wouldn't be if I had that harp.
Llan:Would you stop harping about that light-cursed harp?! See what you've done? I made a horrible pun. And now my rhyming is all skewed. May Tymora have mercy on me if I ever befriend a gnome again.
Glim:Uppity elf! And not even a full elf at that! Say...whatever happened to your quest to find your da?
Llan:Uh..let's move on to more pleasant topics, shall we?
Glim:I don't know, this conversation has gone on longer than is seeming in my view.
Llan:As you wish. Same time next week then?
Glim:I suppose. Although if Curtis gets his imagination fixed between now and then, I may be occupied spreading the Homestarmy lore.
Llan:As would I. 'Til chance brings us back together then.
Glim:Fare thee well.