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Super Thanks

Well, now that the best team in the history of the NFL has established itself a "Dynasty," I think it's time to give a big hand to Sideshow for his unrelenting barrage of insightful articles. I know he had to dig deep to find good things to say about the team that defeated his Rams in the Superbowl three years ago. I, on the other hand, am currently entering into a Dynasty-level grace period. Following ESPN's "The Sports Guy" (Bill Simmons), I am not allowed to complain about the Patriots for at least five years. (Although, I think a 1-15 season next year might dry up that goodwill.)

I would also like to thank Daboo for sitting through the better part of the game with me. I'm sure she'd have much rather been doing something else, so I appreciate her patience. It may be hard to comprehend, but some people just don't get a thrill from watching the Patriots make McNabb look ordinary.

In entirely unrelated news, it seems that Andy has decided to start his own website (, so I suggest heading over there for your wacky, Kerouac-ian adventures fix. I understand he's planning a road trip through Africa - but that could just be a rumor.