Beard Activity

A second conversation

Llan: Greetings, Glim.
Glim: Well, you're looking a bit solemn, Llan. Whatsa matter, lost your flute?
Llan: In a manner of speaking. Let's see, how would your colorful phrasing go? Ah yes, it would seem that I've "found religion."
Glim: Uh huh, and I'm the jolly green giant. Seriously now, what's up with you?
Llan: *Sigh* I should have known you wouldn't understand. Look, you know that ettin I mentioned in our last encounter? Well, it turns out that a priest of Heironeous had met up with a nasty little curse. Apparently a battle with a nefarious wizard. . .
Glim: . . .left him with a splitting headache?
Llan: Hah! Wait, I shouldn't laugh at poor Crin's dilemma. In any case, yes, he gained an extra head with some serious moral issues. As my companions (Nalathisor and Jackle) and I struggled to understand the strange riddle that Crin seemed caught up in, Heironeous blessed me.
Glim: More like cursed you if you've gone all pious on me.
Llan: Ah, don't be like that Glim. We had fun roaming together with our master, but I'm a paladin now.
Glim: Ach! Even worse! A paladin! I thought you'd become a cleric. At least they have a little wiggle room with their gods. You paladins are nothing but sticks in the mud. *Sigh* I guess I shouldn't say that. This fellow, Charlie, in my current party, he's not so bad. Currently having a bit of a tiff with his god, but he's not afraid to sing once in a while. . .(smiles slyly) with the proper encouragement, if you know what I mean.
Llan: What kind of party are you traveling with?! First you cause the poor fellow to lose favor with his god, then you get him drunk! Next you're going to tell me you've taken to harboring drow.
Glim: Ahem! Well, now. That is to say. . .
Llan: Wha-? You have a drow in your party? One of the most evil creatures on Faerun? I suppose you sit around the campfire at night singing odes to the spider queen, too?
Glim: (starting to get a bit upset) Don't go changing the subject on me! If I choose to charm Sen from time to time, that's my business. And she's not evil, she just likes the cup a bit much. Besides, I'm not the one who's gone and abandoned the wandering minstrel's life.
Llan: Now, now, Heironeous still allows me to practice my flute from time to time.
Glim: And sure as I'm a gnome the only music to stick in that puny elf brain is praises to your new master.
Llan: Look, we can sit here and argue about my new direction in life all night long, or we can get back to swapping stories.
Glim: Fine, fine. I suppose you have told me in your roundabout way what's been happening back in NewKeep. And if the news wasn't great, well, that's the nature of news sometimes.
Llan: That it is. So, what's been happening with those diminutive ents?
Glim: Eh, haven't seen much of them lately. Mostly I've been wading through masses of unwashed kobolds and ridiculously stupid goblins. We even managed to stumble onto a baby dragon.
Llan: Really? So things have gotten pretty hot in your adventures?
Glim: More like cold. 'Twas an ice dragon.
Llan: (falls over laughing)
Glim: Well, if all you're going to do is laugh, I'm heading back. I've got impudent drow to keep in line and a paladin to help find his god's favor again.
Llan: (brings himself barely under control) Okay, okay, until next time then.
Glim: Fare thee well.
Llan: And you as well. Oh, and Glim, remember to dress warmly.
Glim: Stick it, half-elf.