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The Homestarmy

A running blog of homestarmy activities
These are in reverse chronological order (meaning newest first), and many entries were passed along to Captain Green.

28 September 2004
The cease-fire was broken less than a week after it was called. Since then, I've managed to survive several light skirmishes and one straight up pitched battle. I wasn't sure I'd make it out of the battle alive. Strong Bad has trained his forces well, but the Homestarmy has the force of Right on its side. I know that we will prevail.
Shortly after the battle of USANA, we managed to re-secure the former Homestarmy outpost in a relatively bloodless operation. We'll be consolidating our position there over the next few weeks.

6 September 2004
Captain Green entry
It's a bit early in the month to be reporting on all its going-ons, but I recently survived a pitched battle with the forces of StrongBadia and thought I should report. The deadly fray occurred sometime before the "Big Game" on Sept. 2. I met with Strong Bad's agent at a pre-arranged location that smelled eerily like mexican food. After trading verbal spars for three hours, a cease-fire was called and plans were set into motion for renewing aggressions at a later date.

31 August 2004
Captain Green entry
The most current happenings in my life revolve around my continuing plan to invade StrongBadia. In an effort to marshal more forces, the homestarmy has begun posting propaganda on our website ( If you have the requisite, five bucks, or a desire to free StrongBadia from its current tyrannical regime, you now know where to find us.